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Being on the edge is not that safe, but it has a much better view…

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Our Services

Web Development VAV Edge Services

Website Development

Website is the center of you digital eco-system. The experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door.

App Development VAV Edge Services

Apps Development

Whether to provide unique services and features for your clients, build a stronger brand, have a competitive edge or just entertain, we build apps that have it all.

Online Marketing VAV Edge Services

Online Marketing

Meet the needs and wants of your customer, share your story and promote your business online. We have over a decade of experience with online marketing.

Games Development VAV Edge Services

Games Development

Do more of what makes you happy, you don't need a life, you are a gamer, you have a lot of lives. Gaming means freedom, you can go wherever you want.

Our Values


Passion and Grow. We are passionate about creating things and that brings us excitement and motivates us.


Over a decade of experience with customer care taught us that the customer is the center of our universe.


Staying professional is our key value. We come from corporates where this became a second nature.


We are a small and flexible team and we utilize it. We keep things simple and focus at the outcome.

Knight VAV Edge Game



Jewel RPG is a new exciting game merging the popular jewels breaking game with the core RPG challenges. Reveal the original story, complete objectives and smash your enemies to receive fantastic rewards.

Game is available for free to play on apple app store.


Visit Jewel RPG Website to get an impression about the game. Get familiar with the game mechanics, dive deep into the fantasy atmosphere viewing game and scene galleries, discover tips to improve your gameplay. 

Participate on periodic events to win awesome rewards.